Fashion - Men

City Centre Almaza is the place to shop for new fashion for men. Stay on-trend and impress friends and family with all your latest gear. Your outfits are a reflection of who you are at home, at work, and out with friends and family. So, it's worth spending some time and money shopping for high-quality clothes that capture your style and your personality.  
Browse the aisles at Concrete for your weekend and after-work casual look. You won’t have to compromise on comfort. If you’re a fan of the European causal style, then shop at GANT. You’ll find high quality, modern and stylish clothes, including sportswear. For that all-important business meeting, date or family wedding, a suit from Hugo Boss will fit all occasions. Or, try La Cravate if you need a new tie for that tuxedo or other formal wear. For the more budget-conscious man, Town Team suits any budget without jeopardising your style. Don't forget to grab a pair of men’s fashion shoes while you’re there. Shoppers looking for their holiday wardrobe will find aisles full of men’s summer fashion. You’ll be the envy of other holidaymakers wherever you go. If you’re looking for winter wear, try Paul & Shark’s for sweaters and other warm clothing. 
Take a look at our men’s fashion stores now and plan your visit to City Centre Almaza today.
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